In German culture, "Ostalgie" is nostalgia for aspects of life in DDR. It is a portmanteau of the German words Ost (east) and Nostalgie (nostalgia).

hypnotic depersonalizing experimental modular dark ambient
experimental video art

01. Berlin Radio International (00:00 - 05:20)
02. Der Schritt der Ostalgie (05.20 - 17:03)
03. Propaganda Modulare (17:03 - 28:24)

all videos are from original soviet and DDR footage and radio
except extracts from the Soviet propaganda animation film "Interplanetary Revolution" (1924)

all music has been produced exclusively with Modular Synthesizers
modulargrid rack: https://www.modulargrid.net/e/racks/view/1201627

artwork by mebitek