[Make Noise, Moog, Noise Engineering, Arturia] The Portrait (Engineering Red)

red engineering

The track is my first experimentation with Moog DFAM and my custom eurorack system.

The video is a tribute of the 1993 experimental movie "Engineering Red" (Конструктор красного цвета) directed by Andrey I from which I take some footage parts and mixed with performance eurorack modular visuals.

never stop modular experimentation

Patch notes:
- Drums: DFAM (kick + snare), Pico Drum (hit-hats)
- Sequencer: Beatstep Pro (lead, hats, snare)
- Main Voice: DPO
- Bass: DFAM
- FX and ambient voices: Loquelic Iteritas through QPAS, morphagene custom reel, Telharmonic, DPO final through Echophon
- reverb: Erb-verb
- Main modulation: Clep Diaz
- additional modulations: Maths, Function, Wooglebug, micro o_C, Pressure Points, René