De Rerum Humanitate

the pandemine lovers 2

produced and directed in self-isolation and remote locations by mebitek & Jele Raus
in collaboration with AxAn, Carlo Porta, Mariana Millapan, Martin Chef, Veronica Sanna

The #Quarantine project doesn’t stop. #wedontstop #wedontgiveup

We have reached the third part of our project Quarantine - De Rerum Humanitate (literally "On Mankind"), struggling once again to reflect on the relationship between man and nature in relation to the condition we are facing.
This current phase should encourage us to consider ourselves as part of a larger process, to put aside our wild individualism and consumerism, reconsidering our freedoms, which we punctually regret and reclaim, then using them to destroy and step on what we really are and are part of.

#iononmiarresto #wedontstop

(Martin Chef - Jele Raus)

Mes chers compatriotes,
La pandémie frappe à nos portes
et plus que jamais notre nation se doit d’être forte.
Nous devons, unis,
mener de front un combat
ici et là-bas,
et ne pouvons être définis face à l’urgence qui s’impose.
Beaucoup d’encre coulera à propos de ce gouvernement
mais je ne permettrai pas que ses représentants soient en proie à l’inaction.

I don't know you
I don’t feel you
I don't know mercy
You always ask for yourself
You know nothing
BUt your own everything
Future is a spiral
The curve is viral
And my decision is final.