Weekend Recap - Week 24

xenomorph records

Weekend Recap

Bad weather here in Sardinia for this weekend so what a better scenario to start working on my brand new Zoom H1 field recorder.

Before start to record some audio I decided to update my windows 7 to windows 10 to try to fix an annoying issue about my MOTU Audio Express interface.
Windows 7 seems to not have good firewire drivers and also some problems with USB 2.0-3.0 interfaces resulting in an unstable audio experience.
My hybrid Motu on firewire was not recognized by windows and also in usb 2.0 got a lot of problems, need to restart the audio interface a lot of times, DAW too and when finally the sound card is beend recognized I was forced to change sample rate to let the audio pump out from my Fluidaudio speakers. so boring.
After upgrading to Windows 10 all seems to be solved and finally I can have two seprated buses for my audio workflow: one for audio inteerface (firewire) and one for controllers (USB).

Then on afternoon with a fresh weather temperature, dark cloudy sky and an heavy rain I start my field recording session. The Zoom H1 is a great piece of gear and fits perfectly my needs.
Rain, footsteps on my wood floor, some whispering voice (sardinian lyrics will not be specified due censorship) and my dog moving and breathing with a nice dark ambient mood field recording session.

The filed recording session mentioned above will be used for my last dark ambient track inlcuded in my coming soon EP taht will be released for the United Kingodm label Xenomorph Records

the EP will include those remastered tracks:
1- Cudda Domu (this is kaos)
2- Insunchiendi
3- Aeternal (Begotten)
4- Mabifattu

for a total of about 20minutes of Sardinian Dark Ambient Cinematic Music