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About Miami Epic Trailer Festival:

April 18, 2015 saw the birth of IndieWise. "There are so many creative minds, but certainly not enough outlets to facilitate and inspire them", according to Founder & Chairman, Jarrod A Knowles. This extraordinary platform, coded and crafted by CTO and Lead Developer, Jerez Bain, seeks to provide a unique outlet, where every filmmaker has a voice and the opportunity for expression and constructive criticism.

Realizing the demand for additional outlets of expression, and the facilitation of learning and networking for artists and filmmakers, and furthermore, knowing the joy creative minds experience when seeing their work delivered on the big screen, in front of a live audience, Knowles took it upon himself to launch what is known as the Grand IndieWise Convention. The vision and purpose of the IndieWise Convention is “to provide a platform for exposure, feedback, and expression, while inspiring the creative mind.”

The IndieWise Team is proud to announce its inaugural Grand Convention, August 24-27, 2017 in South Florida, where 300+ films will be screened at the AMC Aventura Theatre, attracting 600+ Filmmakers and Industry Professionals from 120+ Countries. Prepare for the time of your life, as we experience 4 days of: Networking, a Mega Yacht Party, Workshops, Master Classes, Guest Speakers, Motivation, Pitch Sessions, Live Entertainment, Charity Fundraising, Blue Carpet Photo Ops, and a Pool & Beach Party!

We certainly hope you’re as excited as we are!

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As a #pantomime of human #unconscious, every #aeon is moving around, is trying to gently #escape from the #light and from the #darkness, turning itself into #primordial #bizarre #mad #fiend but in #chains, inexorably, everything is still living inside your #head

"The unconscious is not just #evil by nature, it is also the source of the highest good: not only #dark but also #light, not only #bestial, #semihuman, and #demonic but #superhuman, #spiritual, and, in the #classical sense of the word, #divine."

Carl Gustav #Jung

#dark #ambient #cinematic #electro #music #video from #sardinia

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