Zu Zara (Brabeis)

zu zara is euskera. the basque language for "you are"
brabeis is sardinian. the moguru way to say sheeps

through the desolate landscape that gently start to be burned by the sun and from being forgotten , ancient and distant sounds move away this eternal dance, still motionless,aeternal, waiting for a something that can not ever get.

mebitek - the manufactured eXPerience

Tui ses su ki ses,
e iat a na it'iat mai a cambiai poita
poita ses e no abarras
e no anta mai a mudai
po totu sa vida
ki su mabi at fatu
u' mabifatu
t'at a cabai
atui e s'enia
pedditzona ki portas

eng version

title: "you are (sheeps)"

you are what you are
and I should say they never change you because
because you are and you not stay
and they will not ever change
for all life
for all your bad behaviour
a curse
shall fall to you
and for all your tramp ilk
from An Eternal Wail's Journey EP, track released July 1, 2016
The copyrights of all mebitek works are administered by the Mechanical-Copyright Protection Society (MCPS).
original photo and artwork by mebitek (mogoro struvina)
orginal field recordings by mebitek - sheeps, bells, milking on Floris farm - Mogoro

all music are composed, performed by mebitek:
- Spitfire Audio Albion One, Evo Grid 1 and 3
- maschine
- Komplete Kontrol KS25
- >oom H1 field recorder
- ProjectSAM Symphobia 2