An Eternal Wail's Journey EP

Sardinia orginal ambient music from the deep
let's the aeternal journey starts...

Out for the Scottish Label based on Dundee, Xenomorph Records, the first mebitek Dark Ambient EP


1. Aeternal (Begotten) 04:25
2. Cudda Domu (This is Kaos) 05:15
3. Insunchiendi 04:24
4. Zu Zara (Brabeis) 04:56

original cover post production by mebitek based on an original photo by Gabriella Floris
additional cover art available on download when you buy a copy of the EP - art graphics and photo by mebitek
mastered on Xenomorph Records Studio

all tracks are played, composed and arranged by mebitek
original field recordings by mebitek
The copyrights of all mebitek works are administered by the Mechanical-Copyright Protection Society (MCPS).