Art Has No Diplomacy is OUT NOW

art has no diplomacy album cover by nootempo

Is now available “Art Has No Diplomacy” the new Mebitek’s album, released in co-production with the Sardinian factory (which has already produced artists like Randagiu sardu, Gangalistics, Quilo Sa Razza, Paolo Indeo, Andrea Locci, Flub and many others) .Claudio Melis "Mebitek" presents us his new album, thirteen new unreleased tracks , including collaboration of different artists like Quilo Sa Razza, Pandro, Gangalistics, 10Jonct, Larissa, Daniele Porta. The artwork was made by A.Sanna from, photography by Gabriella Floris.

Art as No Diplomacy Album is coming


And 2016 is gone, inexorably as each other thing , leaving behind itself darkness, screams, silence ...
2017 opens with the announcement of my first full album, "Art has no diplomacy" Which will be released in February in co-production with Sardinia indie Factory and That will include Important Collaborations as GanGaListics, Quilo kg Sa Razza, Daniele Porta , 10jonct - Mochespirit, Pandro Tribal Frequencies