Art as No Diplomacy Album is coming


And 2016 is gone, inexorably as each other thing , leaving behind itself darkness, screams, silence ...
2017 opens with the announcement of my first full album, "Art has no diplomacy" Which will be released in February in co-production with Sardinia indie Factory and That will include Important Collaborations as GanGaListics, Quilo kg Sa Razza, Daniele Porta , 10jonct - Mochespirit, Pandro Tribal Frequencies

Nootempo - The Sensegration Box Report

the sensegation box

Il 12 Novembre scorso l’artista e producer musicale mebitek insieme ad un collettivo di “rivoluzionari” culturali hanno dato vita al progetto The sensegration Box. Nootempo fin da subito è stata coinvolta insieme a comunicazione come partners di questa azione di Artivismo e noi abbiamo accettato di mettere a a disposizione i nostri canali dando un piccolo contributo. Oggi facciamo un piccolo Report insieme al suo Autore che ci racconta un po di sensazioni e ci spiega il perchè di questo progetto/azione che si è tenuta a Mogoro ( il suo paese di origine ) e che presto ( o tardi …) si ripeterà in altre piazze e anfratti della nostra Isola. #sardegna #cultura #musica #artivismo #condividere

Dark Ambient Artwork

Dark Ambient Artwork

#dark #ambient #cinematic #artwork #sardinia
#autumn #fall #darkness #countryside #siaxi #olive #grove #oldstyle

Further in Summer than the Birds, Pathetic from the Grass, A Minor Nation celebrates, It's unobtrusive Mass,
No Ordinance be seen, So gradual the Grace, A pensive Custom it becomes, Enlarging Loneliness
(Further in Summer than the Birds by Emily Dickinson)

Guide to ambient styles

guide to ambient styles

Cryochamber article about Dark Ambient Styles

Dark Ambient is quite the diverse genre of music. Within the realms of dark ambient we have heard enormous variation in sounds and styles. These styles have slowly taken form over the roughly three decades of dark ambient. Yet, each style always seems to have the distinct characteristics of dark ambient. So to start with, what exactly is dark ambient?

Nyarlathotep Mythos

Nyarlathotep Mythos

Cryochamber article about Nyarlathotep Mythos

Nyarlathotep, the crawling chaos, first descended upon humanity through the H.P. Lovecraft prose poem named Nyarlathotep. He came during a time not so different from our own. It was a season of political and social upheaval. Mankind felt as if the world was at a breaking point, but no one wanted to speak of this. Seasons grew hotter. Our faith in the known gods faltered. The timing was ripe for the arrival of Nyarlathotep.