Reverbnation Crowd Reviews of "Ca no Serbit sa boxi"


  • The different voice that started off in the song were a bit creepy. But the different instruments in the beat that started playing are nice. Whoever produced this beat is experienced and came up with a clever and original beat. usually other people come up with the same beat instead he came up with a special beat
  • I was liking this at the beginning until I heard that slow drum bass pop in the song. It threw me off. The middle was good. I liked the part after the 1:50 where that videogame laser show popped in but then it was too loud and went on for too long. It needed more contrasting sounds going on.
  • The mixture of random sounds at the beginning of this song is very enticing, and leads nicely to a slow introduction. The progression of this song is very mysterious, and makes for a nice instrumental. The random electronic sounds make the song varied and cultured, and would be played nicely at a small gathering.
  • I'm really digging the dark vibe in this one and those percs and hits really stand out. The sub bass is a bit over powering and drowns out some of the elements but the rest of the production is nice and clear. The arrangement and structure of each section is really well done and another thing that stood out is the roughness of the synths which really adds to the feel of the track.
  • Slow start to this piece leave you wondering when it really is going to kick in and this really does take a while, even when the main part of the music kicks in it never really gets going and just leaves you wanting more. Feels more like the background must for a film than a piece of standalone music
  • The music has an interesting and progressive beat. The sound on the intro is serious. I like that the tone on this track is not too serious. The musuc is inviting still. The instrumental nature of the track makes the performance more meaningful in my opinion.
  • The instruments and sounds created by this song open up your brain. This gets your creative juices flowing, whether you're working on a project, studying, or running. The shallow melody makes this song relatable to a ton of situations, which make it an easy song to play in any mood. i enjoy the production as well, very clean and crisp all througout
  • I like the keyboards in the intro, but none of the other extraneous sounds that i am hearing in the beginning. There is little progression of this melody. It does not build up into any kind of a good cresendo. It is nothing but badly arranged music.
  • Your intro was very unique that it caught my attention. It was very scary in the beginning. The beat was indeed nice and slow which I understand why I thought it was scary. I like the beat used and how you mixed techno in the middle of the sing. Gave it a good vibe.
  • This was a good instrumental. It sounded good and well packed with melodies and emotions. It had a good beat and has a good length. I felt like it used just the right beat to create a track that sounded like it has so much to tell
  • This song is interesting and the introduction makes me want to listen more into the song. This is because it is catchy and transitions really well into the main song. This artist is unique and interesting. I think that it would be really good commercially as well.
  • Strange and mixed feeling about this. A part of me really like the rhythm, the weird effects and the melody. But something in me is still hungry for more. Besides my personal feeling it is a great piece of art and technically it is impeccable. I would definitely share it with somebody else
  • Very beautiful intro it sounded so smooth and glanceful to my ears. I like the instruments that were being played and used in this song. I like the technique you used on the piano and the very unique background sounded so wavey that it actually suited the instruments.
  • Could not hear any vocals that was being whispered in the beginning intro of the song. The instrumental part sounded like creepy stalker movie type music. Music that I would put in a horror movie or scary movie. Would be perfect for probably a Halloween movie, if that's what they we're going for they definitely succeeded with the scary music track.
  • nice beat at the start but yeah needs a melody over the top and i can see it really happening. definatly has potential wouldnt say that its finished just yet. by the 2 min mark since there was no melody lost intrest but apart from that pretty good. loved the drums
  • Intresting beging to the song. kind of mystical beging. would be good for a song track to a game when exploring something. wouldn't listen to it on its own. but would be good as a backing track. No vocals during song just electronics. can become repetitive.
  • I enjoyed the intro it was cool and very different. I enjoyed the beat as it was smoothly played. I like how you took the time with the beats and tried to figure out the instruments formats because it sounds pretty hard. I like the techno beat towards the middle and how theres no pause in between.
  • I think that this song sounds awesome I love the introduction to it. I love the fact that its a bit busy for the background music and simple for foregroung music they really mix well. I will say I would like it abit more if it had a singer in it. I think it is an amazing song to listen to. Iwould proberaly buy this too. I think its a great instrumental type of music not the typical type of music I would listen to but its very good music. Should definately be on the market.